Available courses

The IFBB, the world authority in strength and weight training, has a set of professionals linked to Health and physical well-being in numerous countries, who have developed a theoretical and practical content with important topics necessary for a good training of Personal Trainer. The IFBB ACADEMY Personal Trainer course gathers information on the most efficient techniques for prescribing training as well as notions about diets and supplements and natural alternatives to doping for good performance and well-being of clients served by a well-qualified Personal Trainer.

This course meets the needs of professionals who want to deepen and update their knowledge in the area and provide a service with the best results.

The IFBB, world authority in strength and bodybuilding training, offers the student a very complete fundamental course for coaches and athletes. If you want to become an elite athlete coach, this is the ideal course. If you are an athlete you will learn numerous details that will make a difference on stage and in your sports career. Carefully prepared by renowned professors with intentional scientific experience, it has also included world champion athletes.